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               Company "ECOMAT OIL AND GAS" qualitatively also expedites works on building, to reconstruction and repair ofroads, also carries out building of airdromes, helicopter platforms, parkings and platforms of different function.

               We carry out working and a construction of roads with use of the newest hardware workings , modern techniques and the progressive software. At a construction of roads modern materials and the technologies allowing considerably to reduce terms of building are applied and to lower cost of works. Our experts make all spectrum of civil work with observance of operating building norms and rules. Employees of the company have a wide experience in performance of civil work on the device of road clothes and an earthen cloth in various environmental conditions. We guarantee high quality and professionalism of given services. Experts solve all organizational questions, concerning deliveries of materials, preparations of cars and the equipment, quickly and qualitatively perform corresponding works.

Stabilization of the basis earthen cloths in difficult engineering - geological conditions;

Raising of an embankment reinforced geosynthetic materials;

Stabilization of the basis of the road clothes with application of stabilizers ground and geosynthetics;

Building of road clothes of all types and designs;

Capital repairs and reconstruction  roads of all categories;

Paving of the automobile roads and platforms asphalt-concrete and  cement-concrete. 


   Engineering Company Ecomat Oil and Gas is glad to propose you modern innovative technology of road construction that is already applied in the countries of Northern and South America, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan.


New technologies in construction and repair of auto roads of all categories

The main reasons to apply this technology are:


·       Lower construction costs up to 20-50% comparing to the standard tradition technology;

·       Shorter terms of construction – the technology allows to perform 1 km per day;

·       Better quality and fastness of road fundament and thus lower commissioning costs.

This technology allows to perform not only automobile construction with minimal financial costs and undertime but repair works and reconstruction of the existing road surface as well.

Such technology can be used for all categories of roads and in all climatic zones.

The technology is grounded on the method of reinforcement and stabilization of soils using special additives that are inserted into dispensed soil and compacted afterwards.

When soil is compacted catalytic binding process takes place causing strong cementing effect. As the result more strong, firm and waterproof road top dressing is formed than when using other materials. Such top dressing with solid covering of 15sm is able to withstand 12t of axle load.





Comparative variants of top dressing construction.


               Existing tradion technology.

  IV Category
  loamy soil  
  Sand ДСТУ Б В 2.7-32-95 0,20
  Crushed stone, fraction 40÷70 0,14
  Crushed stone, fraction 20÷40 with bitumen steep 0.08
  Asphalt concrete  АБ.НШ.Кр.Щ.Б.НП.II ДСТУ Б.В.2.7-119-2003 0.08
  Asphalt concrete АБ.Др.Щ.Б.НП.II ДСТУ Б.В.2.7-119-2003 0.05
  V Category
  loamy soil  
  Crushed stone and sand mixture С-5 ДСТУ Б В.2.7-30-95 0,20
  Crushed stone, fraction 20÷40 with bitumen steep 0,15
  Asphalt concrete АБ.Др.Щ.Б.НП.II ДСТУ Б.В.2.7-119-2003 0.04

        New constraction technology

  loamy soil  
  Stabilized soil 0,25
  Crushed stone and mastic asphalt concrete-10 ДСТУ Б В.2.7-119-2003 0,04
  loamy soil  
  Stabilized soil 0,18
  crushed stone and mastic asphalt concrete-10 ДСТУ Б В.2.7-119-2003 0,04

This technology allows to use road basement for construction techniques while construction with urther  asphalt covering.


 Such new technology can be applied when constructing the following objects:

- new automobile roads of all categories and overhaul repair of the existing ones;

- technological and country roads;

- industrial and agricultural areas;

- landing and runway strips;

- parking places for automobiles and heavy techniques, etc.;

- basement for industrial floors and pavement.

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